"Light Blue"

Yachtlightblue with spinnaker

The beginning of our life adventure

When one approaches the launch of what has been the dream, then ambition and finally realisation of half a lifetime, it is the endless listing of the minutiae in preparation for that launch in the final few months, which distracts one from the immensity of the undertaking. It is, however, that minute attention to detail, which will make the difference between a successful endeavour or a disastrous shambles.

One of the most important decisions, which Siobhàn and I made, was to select the size, strength and design of the sailing yacht in which we intend to venture forth on the seas and oceans of the world. In searching for the ideal, we had settled on a range of 35 to 42 feet in length overall. We had listened to advice from more experienced mariners, pored over manuals on the correct displacement and stability readings, read about the frequent underwater collisions made by boats of all sizes sailing the oceans, and had settled on a steel build for sheer strength. We had pored over the internet websites for suitable boats throughout 2003 to 2005 and examined in detail the specification, price and history of dozens of possibles, but none of them actually filled the bill. We persevered, while still relishing the sailing in our Sadler 29, "Maid of Honour".

Then, as if by fate, while walking back to our car after a superb weekend of sailing, I suggested that we walk along the pontoon of larger offshore yachts. I saw the sweet lines of what I thought was a Bowman and we walked to the stern to have a closer look. We were greeted by Harry the owner, who invited us on board for a look around. During our time on board we told him of our plans and our wish list. He pointed to the boat alongside and said that we could do worse than buy that one, as it had just come on the market, although there was no "For Sale" notice on her. We left the very comfortable Bowman and examined "Light Blue"; the Yachting Monthly Offshore 38 lying solidly, strongly and immaculately alongside the pontoon. That week we went aboard with the yacht broker and again the following week. By the time we had walked her decks, felt the strong build of her rigging, relaxed in her interior, examined her equipment and seen the film of Sirius Yachts building her, we had fallen in love with her !

Lawry and Siobhán Nunn

The crew, Lawry and Siobhàn The skipper and mate

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