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Seaside heights water tower, New Jersey

Seaside heights water tower, New Jersey

Living the Dream

Six moons in the USA

Month 2
27 June to 30 July 2007

With a little concern we turned out of the Atlantic into Manasquan Inlet as we knew there was not much water under the keel. In the end we had nothing to worry about as 2 metres showed on the depth instrument. Having passed through the railway bridge we found that we had to tie up right behind the fuel dock, which was a difficult manoeuvre with no pontoon to line up with, 6 telegraph poles covered in fresh creosote to tie up to and the river flowing fast and furious. We made it with the help of Fred, the owner of Brielle Marine Basin, and his daughter.

We decided early on that we would lift the boat after the weekend, because it is cheaper to keep it on the hard than in the water in slips. We had prepared a long list of necessary painting, decorating and maintenance, which would keep us busy while visiting relatives in New Jersey.

We enjoyed a wonderful month of land life, where we had an opportunity to recharge our batteries and spend time with family. During our stay in New Jersey we sampled some of the variety of New Jersey culture: gambling in Atlantic city casinos, a leisurely drive along the Delaware Water Gap, an afternoon strolling on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights, a day visiting Princeton, and many days on the New Jersey shore.

After many busy days working on the boat it was a welcome break to spend a day viewing the sights of Princeton. We walked through the college campus and popped into the many beautiful buildings to view the fine art and décor, while at the same time escaping from the 100 degree+ heat.

Delaware water gap

We visited the Delaware water gap, driving through the verdant countryside, and enjoying the riverscape. On our route along the Delaware we stopped in the quaint towns of Frenchtown and New Hope, enjoying a leisurely lunch with other day-trippers.

At the weekends we joined the throngs on the beach to enjoy the spotless sand and clean water coming in from the Atlantic. It was a joy to swim and boogie-board in the cool water, and play in the sand.

Continuing on a shore theme we tried our luck on the gaming machines in Atlantic City. The boardwalk was spectacular with its huge hotels and lavish signs. Unfortunately our luck was not as spectacular, but we had a very enjoyable day.

As we were land-based for four weeks Lawry and I had an opportunity to watch the Tour de France on TV most nights.

It was a new experience for me, but luckily Lawry was able to describe the team strategies and tactics, so it made sense to me. We were both disappointed when Michael Rasmussen was recalled by his team when so close to success, even though there was a suspicion that he had had a blood transfusion to enhance his own blood and metabolism.

During the month of July, between Monday and Friday, we cleaned and polished the hull back to its former glory, painted the bilges, removed the stanchions and cleaned up the bases, touched up the cockpit and greased various moving parts. The weather was not always kind but on rainy days we worked below decks. As per usual, not everything was completed, but we have many more exotic places in which to maintain the boat. After playing at tourism and reading, it is one of our pleasures to keep the boat spick and span. We have learned that living on board one’s boat and constantly moving takes its toll on the boat and so one must be on top of minor breakages and scratches at all time.

After a month of socialising, tourism and boat maintenance, we timed our departure to set off at the end of July, which coincided with a family celebration.

Farewell to New Jersey.

Siobhán and Lawry was there as well.

Lots of love to one and all.

8 September 2007

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